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About Us

Aldi stores are springing up all over the country. In fact, we’re now one of the UK’s fastest-growing supermarkets. But while it’s always nice to see queues of vehicles coming out of the car park, we also know that a silky smooth logistics strategy is more essential than ever.

So what can you expect from the Logistics arm of our business? Market-leading pay, first-class vehicles, shiny new Regional Distribution Centres (RDCs) and an unusual culture of recognition, trust and clarity. Everyone knows what’s expected of them. They feel completely respected, listened to and integral to the business.

Our Managers feel empowered to make their own decisions. Our Drivers can get their hands on the latest kit. Our Selectors can see exactly how they fit into the bigger picture and are loving their role. (They’ve even worked past the end of their shift before ‘without realising’.) The fact is, people might join us for the generous pay or the quality equipment – but they stay for an awful lot more.