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There are jobs boards out there that will take an Employers advertising budget - create an ad - and that's that. We are unique in being able to offer Employers advice and guidance to ensure that they maximise the return on their advertising investment - by guiding, positioning and managing their job ad for the most effective market interaction.

We are the only job board operators in these sector to directly employ experienced professionals from the procurement, logistics, supply chain, recruitment, and internet marketing sectors. This potent mix of skills and experience provides an unrivalled opportunity for advertisers to effectively and directly interact with a defined pool of high calibre talent with very specific skill and experience profiles.

Our staff have performed in and recruited for the procurement, logistics, and supply chain roles that we advertise.

We have worked with and supported many of the World's leading organisations to recruit professional and senior level employees in the procurement, logistics, and supply chain disciplines.

Understanding the skill and experience requirements, and the recruitment behaviour, is the key to success when advertising jobs in these sectors.